Consulting Services

High Technology Service Solutions provides confidential scientific and engineering consulting services to develop solutions to our customer’s complex technical problems ( send us your NDA to get started ). Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers combine their expertise in advanced computational analysis and modeling and simulation technology with practical industrial experience to perform investigations ranging from in-depth scientific research to rapid-response assessments to provide our clients with the critical information to support strategic developments and maintain day-to-day operations. We provide diverse experience and specialize in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and computer science.


Our work supports the development and implementation of real-world solutions that are cost-effective, efficient and practical. Our consulting services have demonstrated savings for new technology and product development of up to 90% of the time and simultaneously 50% of the cost. Most of our work is performed in a confidential manner, you can find out more about our services by contacting us directly and reviewing our white papers on a range of technical capabilities.

Each member of our team has an advanced degree in engineering and/or science combined with practical experience in solving consulting problems. Our customers range from Fortune 50 companies that seek specialized expertise or additional resources for large jobs to small companies without the internal resources to conduct multidisciplinary analysis, modeling and simulations. We team with companies in a wide range of industry sectors that include medical products, energy, and consumer products.